Tax Advice for Doctors: Maximise on Tax Deductible Expenditure


As a self-employed doctor it is likely that you incur costs due to your trade. Many of these expenses are deductible against tax. A claimable expenses is regarded as an expense that is incurred ‘wholly and exclusively’ for the purpose of trade, profession or vocation.


When there is only an ‘identifiable proportion’ of the expense that is wholly and exclusively for business, you must apportion the expense so that only the percentage of the portion that related to work is claimed.


Examples of claimable expenses as a doctor:

·      Professional indemnity cover

·      Most professional subscriptions

·      Drugs and medical supplies

·      Printing, postage and stationary


If the expense is clearly wholly and exclusively for work, there is rarely any difficulty claiming the expense form HMRC. There is more scrutiny put onto other expenses, such as:

·      Motor and travel expenses

·      Use of home

·      Salary to a spouse

·      Clothing


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