Investment options for Canadian Expats

There are a number of pros and cons that Canadian expats must consider when investing in real estate and securities whilst living abroad.

A Canadian non-resident can buy rental profit in Canada and can manager it themselves from abroad or have a property manages. Property managers are generally are in charge of finding tenants, collecting rent, handling repairs and essentially being the landlord. Fees for a property manager can range from one month’s rent to simply find a tenant to 20% of rent collected for more comprehensive property manager.

If your rental property is a short-term residential rental where people rent for less than a month you must collect, remit and report the sales tax depending on the province where your property is located. Rates range depending on the province.

Other investments

Typically, a non-resident is not able to contribute to a Tax-Free Savings Account while abroad. It is likely that a non-resident won’t be able to buy Canadian mutual funds either, however you can invest in Canadian stocks and exchange-traded funds.


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