Creative Industry employment growing four times faster than the UK’s workforce average

The number of people working the creative industries in the UK has grown at four times the rate of the UK’s general workforce, according to new government figures.


The statistics released by the Department for Digital Culture, Media and Sport found that almost two million people were employed by the Creative Industry in 2016, that’s 5% more than the figures found for 2015.

The general workforce growth for the UK sat at a significantly lesser growth of 1.2% year on year. The Creative Industries Minister, Matt Hancock, commented on the growth saying that the figures show that Britain’s creative industries are ‘performing better than ever’.

'Those working in the creative industries are cultural ambassadors for Britain and play a hugely important role in helping form and shape the way we are viewed both at home and abroad. And while there's still more to do before diversity in the creative industries mirrors that of our society as a whole, I'm encouraged to see that this area is improving at more than twice the rate of the wider workplace.'

-Matt Hancock, Minister of Creative Industries

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