Advice from an accountant that specialises in entertainment and modelling agencies: What fees you should be charging

As an accountant that specialises in entertainment agencies and modelling agencies we have experience with the many problems the businesses can face.


The service that entertainment and modelling agencies can charge for is finding someone work. Workers, performers and models should be aware of the terms and condition of the trade before you charge.


Your terms and conditions must detail:

·      The work-finding services that you will provide them

·      Any authority you will have to act on behalf of them

·      Any authorisations to receive any money on behalf of them

·      Any fees or commissions you’ll be paid for the work you find

·      How your fee or commission should be paid

·      How any commissions or fees will be refunded

·      The length of time the worker, performer or model needs to give end the contract

·      The length of time you need to give to end a worker, performer or model’s contract


Promotional fees for performers and entertainment workers


Upfront fees for listing a worker or performer’s details in promotional publications or on websites to help them find work are chargeable. These promotional publications can include information in publications or on websites and photographs or audio or video recordings. This does not apply to models.


Fees for promoting performers can only be charged 30 days after the start of the contract.  The performer can cancel or withdraw from the contract without any penalty or required penalty within this 30-day period.


The performer must be shown any promotional photographs, audio or video before it’s published. They must be given a seven-day period to object to an material. You cannot charge the performer until the 7 days is over or you’ve dealt with any reasonable requirement from the performer, whichever is later.


You are able to charge fees for:

·      Actors

·      Background artists

·      Dancers

·      Extras

·      Musicians

·      Singers

·      Other performers

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