Celebrating revolutionary and visionary SI-FI author H.G. Wells 150th Birthday

The famous creative H.G. Wells was born 150 years ago on this day.  During his life he published many famous novels. His first novel, The Time Machine, was published in 1895, he saw the future in a way that nobody could compete with. HE anticipated wars, a sexual revolution, motorised transport that caused the growth of suburbs and a proto- Wikipedia he named the ‘World Brain.’ The world wars he foresaw predicted a federalised Europe. As if by time travel his novel, The World Set Free, told the story of an ‘atomic bomb’ that had terrifying power and dropped from aeroplanes.


These eerily familiar ‘tales’ were had a deep impression on Winston Churchill.  In a letter to his friend wells describe ‘Anticipations’, his 1901 book of predictions, as ‘designed t undermine and destroy the monarch, monogamy, faith in God and respectability’ –and the British empire, all under the guise of a speculation about motor cars and electric heating’.


  Wells genius creativity and unique visionary style leads him to still be looked to today. It is not the specific stories that cause his 21st century recognition by the imagination that spawned them.


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