MONDAYMOTIVATION: 17 jawdropping business cards that are guaranteed to cat your eye

Being an accountancy firm for creative industry professionals it is no surprise that we encourage and love all things creative.

It is not unusual for a company/self-employed client to speak, during a consultation, of the struggle to make their company stand out against their competitors. To offer some 'Monday Marketing Motivation' this week we have tracked down some brilliant examples of how company's are changing the game with their business cards. 

1. A Greek restaurant: details is printed on what looks like a piece from a broken dish

Accountant business card greed

2. A proof-reader: A business card in the form of a pencil 

Accountant london proof reader

3. A Security Consultant 

Bambridge Accountant Security Consultant

4.A branding agency: a brand-doctor suggests medication to cure any brand ’disease’

Accountant London Branding Agency

5. Piano Repair Company

Accountant London Piano Company

6. An Architecture School

Accountant Architecture School London

7. A ’Lawn’ company: with a hidden compartment containing small bag with grass seeds

Bambridge Accountant Lawn Company

8. A karate School

9. A Yoga Center

A Yoga Center Accountant London

10. A Personal Trainer

11. A relationship therapist

Relationship therapist accountant london

12. Red cross business cards

Red Cross Accountant

13. Survival training: an edible card made of dried meat

Accountant survival training london

14. A shipping company

15. A furniture shop

A furniture shop accountant London

16. Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer Accountant london

17. A Lawyer

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