5 Amazing Movies chosen by movie lovers

For all of our actor-clients and film-buffs. Below are the top 5 amazing films as voted for by movie lovers.

The World’s Fastest India (2005)


The World’s Fastest Indian tells the story of a famous New Zealand man named Burt Munro, who spent decades turning his favourite 1920 58 m/h maximum-speed motorcycle into a racing machine capable of setting a world speed record.


The movie carries the importance of never letting go of your dreams and to ignore the mockery and doubt of others.



A Single Man (2009)



George, an English Literature professor, allows himself only one day to answer the questions of whether he has a future. After facing the death of his true-love, he struggles to find a reason to start living again.


The movie has not only a moving story line but also brilliant acting.



Mr Nobody(2009)


A wonderful movie about the life of a man called Nemo, who is the only mortal in a world of immortal people.



Beginners (2010)


A romantic comedy that revolves around the complex relationship between father and son. A thought triggering film, that brings you to question whether the importance of family bonds. This movie is a film production work of art, with beautiful settings and angles.



The Station Agent (2003)


The Station agent features a well-educated, kind dwarf named Fin. The film shows Fins pursuit to move to the middle of no where- with no one, and how he unexpectedly finds new friends.





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