How to improve your credit score?

Whether your looking to get a mortgage for a house or a big loan to invest in your career your credit score is imperative. With a bad credit score banks can either deny your loan completely or add in hefty insurances like high interest.


There is no ‘quick fix’ cure to a bad credit score, it is a gradual process of employing techniques and habits that over time will improve your credit rating.


Here are our credit score improving tips.


Stet up payment reminders- Late payments are a massive contributor to a bad credit rating. If you set up calendar reminders that tell you when different payments are due, it limits against risks of you forgetting.


Reduce the amount of debt you owe- reducing the amount of debt you owe will be good in furthering your pursuit to improve your credit score- as well as be fulfilling in the long run. Plan out a calculated, realistic cash flow that consists of yearly/monthly/ weekly payments that work for you.


Pay your bills on time- even when only a few days late- late payments have a negative impact on your credit score.


Beware that paying off an account will not remove it from your credit report- your credit history is included on your report for 5-7 years.


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