Tax for expats returning to the UK?

If you’re thinking about moving back to the UK as an English citizen living abroad you’ve probably considered taxes. What taxes will you have to pay in each country? Are you free to move back at any time of the financial year?


Depending on details surrounding your return to the UK you may have to pay capital gains tax on the sales of your home, cars and small items of value, as well as other investments sold at a profit before you come back to the UK. This can depend on local tax implications.


If you have not spent significant time in the UK, you may be treated for tax purposes as not a resident in the UK. If you have increased your visits in anticipation of your return, you should check your current residency position as part of your planned move.


Certain assets can be exempt from UK capital gains tax such as cars, foreign currency and items worth less than £6,000. Also the sale of your house abroad is exempt from UK capital gains tax if the property has been your only, main home throughout ownership.


In addition, you will not be liable for CGT on other assets and investments, for instance stocks and shares that you sell before you return to the UK. 


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