Xero: Sophisticated Accounting Software for Non-Accountants

Xero is smart and simple accounting software, hugely popular among small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers. We use Xero ourselves and we recommend it to any clients who are looking for accounting software which is straightforward enough for non-accountants to use with confidence.

Xero is cloud-based software allowing companies and their accountants to automatically connect. Xero’s features include: 

  • Automatic updates on balances
  • Instant financial reports
  • Reconciliation of foreign currency accounts
  • Preparation of invoices and expenses lists
  • Cash flow tracks and stock movements
  • Upcoming wage expenses through the payroll system
  • Accounts payable
  • Personal expense claims
  • Live connection with company bank account

Xero is mobile, meaning it can be accessed from any device whether you are at home, at the office or on the move. Xero’s mobile app allows you to upload photos of receipts to the software, eliminating the need to keep paper receipts.

Financial reports can easily be produced from the financial data provided, meaning excellent managerial advice can be passed from accountant to client.

Over 300,000 businesses of all sizes have employed the use of Xero because it allows for them to connect with their clients in the most simple and elegant way. Visit Xero's website for more information or to sign up for a free trial.