Tax Returns For Creatives

Bambridge Accountants specialises in preparing tax returns for companies and freelance individuals working in the creative industry.

We handle the tax and accounts for performers and those working behind the scenes on stage, in film and TV. Our clients include actors, dancers, musicians, stage managers, directors, photographers, writers and producers, as well as many other working within the creative and performance sector.

We can assist with your bookkeeping to help ensure that you claim all allowable expenses and do not end up overpaying tax. Eligible expenses include: 

  • Subsistence
  • Agent fees
  • Equipment
  • Office supplies
  • Mobile phone bills
  • Use of home as office
  • Costume
  • Props
  • Accommodation
  • Training
  • Accountancy fees
  • Travel
  • Research

The current tax year runs from 6th April 2014 to 5th April 2015, with tax returns due to be submitted online to HMRC by 31st January 2016. It’s important that you keep all receipts or bills relating to expenses incurred in this period, so that you can claim everything you are entitled to on your return.

If you are a self employed individual working in the creative industry and you are interested in speaking to a member of our team about how we can assist with your tax return then contact us today to arrange a free consultation.