US Tax Returns

Bambridge Accountants specialises in the preparation of US expat taxes for Americans living abroad. 

We have an expert team of tax advisers and IRS Enrolled Agents who have extensive experience in the field of American expat tax preparation. We provide accurate, efficient expat tax services for US citizens living abroad and can advise on the interaction of UK and US taxes.

One of the services that we offer is a Federal Tax return.  This is for Americans living abroad, foreign nationals and those who have recently repatriated to the US.

What we offer in our federal package is:

All standard expat forms: Forms 1040, 1116, 2555, 8938

All standard schedules: Schedules A, B, C (profit and loss from small business), D, and E (rental property), Schedule K-1s, and bank and brokerage transactions.

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