Television Tax Relief

High-End Television Tax Relief (sometimes called TV Tax Relief), is a highly beneficial tax relief introduced by HMRC and available to companies meeting fixed criteria.

TV Tax Relief is one of four corporation tax reliefs allowing qualifying companies to claim a larger deduction when calculating their taxable profits, or in certain circumstances to claim a payable tax credit.

Your company will be entitled to claim High-End Television Tax Relief on a programme meeting the following criteria:

  • The programme must pass the culture test, meaning that it is considered to have been produced in Britain or in the European Economic Area
  • The programme must be intended for broadcast
  • The programme must be a documentary, comedy or drama
  • At least 25% of the programme’s total production costs must relate to activities within the UK
  • The average qualifying production cost must be no less than £1 million per hour of production length
  • The slot length mist be greater than 30 minutes of the programme

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