Accounting Software for Freelancers and SMEs

When you start your own business, it’s your passion that drives you, not your desire to keep track of receipts. Many freelancers and directors of SMEs can feel overwhelmed by the need to keep their records up to date. This can lead to a head in the sand approach, which means everything is left to the last minute and there is a danger of missing deadlines and incurring penalties.

We recommend Xero to all of our clients who are looking for straightforward accounting software to help them manage their accounts. Users can create and manage invoices, keep track of expenses and sync the bookkeeping with their business bank account. There’s even a great app that lets you photograph receipts and upload them to the software so you never have to keep hold of a paper receipt again! There’s plenty of accounting software out there, but this is the most user-friendly that we’ve found and as we use Xero ourselves at Bambridge Accountants, it’s the one we’re happiest to recommend to our clients. Try Xero for free today.